To email BrooklynBullshit, for content submissions or other inquiries, please contact

If you are submitting content, please be aware of the following:

-Pictures should be your own, and should also have a date and location provided

-Videos will be more happily accepted if they are uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

-Audio should be sent in .mp3 format, and links to third party download sites are welcome. Additional information about the artist such as their Twitter, a short bio, and artwork for the project are all appreciated

-Events should come with as much info as possible – date, start and end time, venue and address, flyer, and YouTube link to artist’s material is helpful

-With all submissions please send your information to help promote yourself. Social media links, a short bio, your own most recent work (a song, photo, video), or whatever you’d like to promote, even if it’s not directly related to Brooklyn. We appreciate you helping us keep content flowing, so we will help to support your endeavors as well.

-All submissions must be Brooklyn, NY-related. If it wasn’t recorded, filmed, or created in Brooklyn by or with someone who lives here or who is from here, then it will not be posted.

3 Responses

  1. niroc
    niroc July 26, 2012 at 4:39 pm · Reply

    Hey..I sent u a vid,did ya receive?

  2. JesusSaves
    JesusSaves September 14, 2013 at 11:58 am · Reply

    blessings 2 ya
    my names spain also known as the graffiti artist/writter JesusSaves..just 2 let u know that i love ur site and i love the flicks yet the one with me going over noxer is old news..the Lord has put in my heart 2 forgive him and is old news.

    im a nice guy and a peace not about all that street and negative life style yet graffiti has been a tool 4 me 2 use 2 get the name of Jesus around and up high..i pray blessings towards u and many luck 2 ur website brooklyn bullshit..if u need me 2 submit pictures let me know..i would be more than happy 2 :-)

  3. Lamont AKA MonteBeats
    Lamont AKA MonteBeats May 21, 2014 at 11:11 pm · Reply

    I was wondering if I can be feautured on your site. I’m a upcoming producer from brooklyn.

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